About Us

Revere Events was born in 2003.

At the time we  did birthday parties for all ages, and exceptionally beautiful weddings all over Cape Town. Without a doubt my favourite was the corporate clients who gave me full creative freedom – this was hard work, but not very fulfilling.  At the same time with my hospitality contacts I was still doing a very tasteful and affordable linen range. The range was almost exclusively hotel quality white cotton bedding.

While trading at markets I extended myself creatively and offered my skills to various organisations all of which had their own personal taste and vision. From 2014 I aimed to help out where I could to assist to both event organisers and my fellow  traders. We did branding and marketing in collaboration with Revere Linen. It was successful for all involved and the traders and clients loved our events.

However with all of these events  my personal taste and own vision were never realised, and so I started small : in 2016 when we established Style Markets – small, intimate and easy to co-ordinate. We had 12 traders and launched 2 brands, which were very well received.

Finally, more organisations were kind enough to show their support, I knew then that I had their blessings and that of the other event organisations I previously assisted.

After a magnificent trip up to Kilimanjaro I knew I had to do something for myself, no matter what. Although a bold move and very risky, planning took just 3 months. A personal financial loss did not deter me, I had faith it could only get better. The Revere market grew and in 2017 a bold step was made with the introducation of the Maynardville Garden Market in December 2017. My very own new brand of markets also saw the introduction of Eid Boutique Market 2018, this started to shape my vision and how I wanted to be presented, and thankfully the public and vendors responded well.

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